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First International Conference on

Urban Water Interfaces

22-24 September 2020

online conference

Lupe [1]
Lupe [2]

Conference programme, conference instructions and summary of abstracts

Conference Programme [3]

Conference Instructions [4]

Summary of Abstracts [5]


Interfaces in urban water systems play a key role in the urban water cycle but are still understudied. They connect a large number of compartments and subsystems and notably affect the overall system behaviour. The processes and fluxes of interfaces are highly complex due to, for example, steep physical and biogeochemical gradients, high numbers of micro-organisms and reaction rates, non-linear behaviour and feedback effects as well as heterogeneous and dynamic structures. Considerable knowledge gaps still exist - urgently requiring novel interdisciplinary collaboration of engineers and natural scientists. Under this collaborative perspective, we want to develop a new understanding and thinking on future urban water management being faced by multiple stressors such as climate and demographic change, ongoing urbanization and continuous growth of contaminations as well as multiple uses.

Why you should attend

  • We highlight progress which have been achieved within the DFG Research Training Group ‘Urban Water Interfaces’.
  • We aim to provide a platform for presenting state of the art insights and novel findings from an international interdisciplinary community.
  • We are encouraging contributions from the international scientific community, but also representatives from water engineering practice and administration.
  • We invite you to attend and present at the conference, which will take place in the very exciting and lively city of Berlin, Germany.

Conference topics

Lupe [6]

Interfaces in urban watersheds [7]

Lupe [8]

Interfaces in urban freshwater ecosystems [9]

Lupe [10]

Interface urban hyporheic zones [11]

Lupe [12]

Interfaces in sewer systems [13]

Important dates

  • Abstract submission deadline: 30 April 2020
  • Information about acceptance: 15 May 2020


Registration is now closed!


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Keynote speakers

Lupe [14]

Prof. Ana Deletic [15]
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
UNSW Sydney, Australia
Stormwater management, urban modelling

Lupe [16]

Prof. Hayley Fowler
School of Engineering
Newcastle University, UK
Climate change impacts on water resources, precipitation extremes

Lupe [17]

Dr. Emma J. Rosi [18]
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Millbrook, New York, USA
Human impacts on freshwaters

Lupe [19]

Prof. Daniele Tonina [20]
Center for Ecohydraulic Research
University of Idaho, Boise, USA
Hyporheic exchange, greenhouse gases

Lupe [21]

Prof. Jes Vollertsen [22]
Department of the Built Environment
Aalborg University, Denmark
Stormwater and wastewater

Organising committee

Prof. Reinhard Hinkelmann, TU Berlin [23]

Prof. Birgit Kleinschmit, TU Berlin [24]

Dr. Gwendolin Porst, TU Berlin [25]

Nasrin Haacke, TU Berlin [26]

Micaela Pacheco, TU Berlin [27]


contact: conf2020@uwi.tu-berlin.de [28]



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