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Despot.D., Sielaff,M., Stephan,D. & Barjenbruch,M. (2018). Odour and Corrosion Pilot Plant Studies: Continuous Monitoring of Hydrogen Sulphide Emission [17].

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Marafini, E., Tügel, F., Özgen, I., Hinkelmann, R. & La Rocca (2018). Flash flood simulations using hydroinformatics modeling system for El Gouna, Egypt [19].

Broecker T., Teuber K., Ladwig R., Nützmann G., Hinkelmann R. (2018). Impact of small-scale riverbed topography on stream flow and surface detention of a tracer [20].

Ladwig R., Matta E., Hinkelmann R., Hupfer M. (2018). From 1D to 2D: Impact of extreme weather events and climate change on the heavily stressed urban Lake Tegel in Berlin, Germany [21].

Wu,L., Singh,T., Gomez-Velez,J., Nützmann,G., Wörman,A., Krause,S. & Lewandowski,J. (2018). Impacts of Flood on Bedform-driven Hyporheic Flux under Gaining and Losing Groundwater Conditions. [22].

Wu,L., Singh,T., Gomez-Velez,J., Nützmann,G., Wörman,A., Krause,S., Lewandowski,J., Riml,J. & Earon,R. (2018). Exploring the role of transient flood pulses on bedform-induced hyporheic exchange under gaining and losing groundwater conditions [23].

Zinati Shoa,T. & Barjenbruch,M. (2018). Evaluation of different treatment technologies of source-separated urine [24].

Aljoumani,B., Sanchez,J. & Wessolek,G. (2018). A stochastic linear model to evaluate the dielectric constant– electrical conductivity relation of a sandy soil using TDR records [25].

Tügel, F., Özgen, I., Hadidi, A., Tröger, U. & Hinkelmann, R. (2018). Modelling of flash floods in wadi systems using a robust shallow water model – case study El Gouna, Egypt [26]. Advances in Hydroinformatics. Springer, Singapore, 579-593.


Ladwig, Robert and Heinrich, Lena and Singer, Gabriel and Hupfer, Michael (2017). Sediment core data reconstruct the management history and usage of a heavily modified urban lake in Berlin, Germany [27]. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25166–25178.

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Teuber,K., Broecker,T., Elsesser,W. & Hinkelmann,R. (2017). Beyond shallow water flow: Navier-Stokes simulations with OpenFOAM [29].

Pipkins,K., Kleinschmit,B., Wessolek,G. & Timm,A. (2017). A spatial-temporal method for assessing the energy balance dynamics of partially sealed surfaces [30].

Timm,A. & Wessolek,G. (2017). Studying the hydrological balance of (partially) sealed surface using high precision weighable lysimeter [31].

Timm,A. & Wessolek,G. (2017). Hydrological balance and water transport processes of partially sealed soils [32].

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