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Shanafield,M.A., Banks,E.W., Schaper,J.L., Meinikmann,K., Höhne,A., Batelaan,Okke and Lewan-dowski,J. (2017). Groundwater‐surface water interactions in metropolitan areas - a DAAD scheme collaboration between Flinders University & Leibniz‐Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) [17].

Schaper J. L., Popp A. L., Meinikmann K., Shanafield M. A., Banks E. W., Putschew A., Nützmann G., Lewandowski J. (2016). Fate of polar organic trace compounds infiltrating into an alluvial aquifer from an urban lowland river [18].

Schaper,J.L., Seher,W., Nützmann,G., Putschew,A., Jekel,M. and Lewandowski,J. (2018). Fate of polar trace organic compounds in the hyporheic zone [19].

Schaper,J.L., Posselt,M., Shanafield,M.A., Banks,E.W., Höhne,A., Meinikmann,K., Putschew,A. and Lewandowski,J. (2018). Fate of trace organics and their metabolites in an urban stream in South Australia [20].

Schaper,J.L., Höhne,A., Meinikmann,K., Shanafield,M.A., Banks,E.W., McCallum,J., Posselt,M., Putschew,A., Nützmann,G., Batelaan,Okke and Lewandowski,J. (2017). Relative contribution of hyporheic to whole stream attenuation of trace organics in an urban stream [21].


Romero C., Herrero S., Casper P., Gessner M.O., Kleinschmit B., Singer G. (2017). Mapping dissolved organic matter diversity across Berlin´s aquascape [22].

Romero C., Despot D., El-Athman F., Herrero S., Nega M., Singer G. (2016). Urban Water Interfaces: Biogeochemical processes [23].

Clara Romero (2016). Ecosystem metabolism and CO2 emissions from urban water bodies. [24].

Rodríguez-Ramos, J. A., Borton, M. A., Daly, R.A., Mueller, B. M.; Schöpflin, L., Shaffer, M., Danczak, R. E.,Schulz, H., Goldman, A. E., Lewandowski, J., Roux, S., Stegen, J. C. and Wrighton, K. C. (2021). Microscopic time travelers: A finely tuned, time-resolved analysis of viral and microbial communities in the Erpe river. New Orleans [25].


Posselt M., Schaper J., Ribbenstedt A., Benskin J. P. (2016). Investigating Micropollutant Transformation in Hyporheic Zones [26].

Posselt M., Schaper J., Jäger A. (2016). Investigating Time Series Depth Profiles of Micropollutants in Hyporheic Zones [27].

Posselt,M., Schaper,J., Ribbenstedt,A. & Benskin,J.P. (2016). Fingerprinting micropollutant transformation in hyporheic zones [28].

Porst G., Hinkelmann R., Hilt S., Gessner M. O., Kleinschmit B., Nützmann G., Jekel M. (2017). The DFG Research Training Group ‘Urban Water Interfaces (UWI)’. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Limnologie (DGL) [29].

Porst G., Hinkelmann R., Hilt S., Gessner M. O., Kleinschmit B., Nützmann G., Jekel M. (2016). The DFG Research Training Group ‘Urban Water Interfaces (UWI)’ [30].

Pipkins,K., Kleinschmit,B., Wessolek,G. & Timm,A. (2017). A spatial-temporal method for assessing the energy balance dynamics of partially sealed surfaces [31].

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