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El-Athmann F., Schröder C., Putschew A., Jekel M. (2017). Abiotische reduktive Deiodierung von iodierten Röntgenkontrastmitteln in Anwesenheit von Corrinoiden (Vitamin B12-Derivate) [17].

Heinrich L., Ladwig R., Ohlendorf C., Perez-Mayo M., Hupfer M. (2017). Element retention rates from quantified µXRF-Scan document effects of management measures on urban lake sediment [18].

Aljoumani,B., Kluge,B., Sanchez,J. & Wessolek,G. (2017). Time series models for prediction the total and dissolved heavy metals concentration in road runoff and soil solution of roadside embankments [19].

Ladwig R., Matta E., Furusato E., Kirillin G., Hinkelmann R., Hupfer M. (2017). Model-based assessment of urban water management strategies for a shallow dimictic lake [20].

Aljoumani,B., Markert,A., Sanchez,J. & Wessolek,G. (2017). Novel approach for evaluating the linearity of the temperature increase (ΔT) against the logarithm of time to determine soil thermal conductivity data in the full moisture range [21].

Zhang, Q., Aljoumani, B., Hilebrand,G., Hoggmann,T. & Hinkelmann,R. (2017). Forecasting monthly inflow discharge of the Iffezheim reservoir using data-driven models [22].

Jahanbazi, Mitra and Özgen, Ilhan and Aleixo, Rui and Hinkelmann, Reinhard (2017). Development of a diffusive wave shallow water model with a novel stability condition and other new features [23]. Journal of Hydroinformatics. IWA Publishing.

Link to publication [24]

Pipkins, K., Kleinschmit, B., Wessolek, G. (2017). A spatial-temporal method for assessing the energy balance dynamics of partially sealed surfaces. [25].

Herrero Ortega,S., Romero González-Quijano,C., Casper, P.,Kleinschmith ,B., Singer,G.A. & Gessner,M.O. (2017). Aquatic methane emissions in urban areas [26].

Gillefalk, M. & Hilt, S (2017). Effects of Bank Filtration on Lake Ecosystems [27].

Gillefalk, M., Nunez, M.M.A, Hilt, S. (2017). Macrophytes and their unnoticed stressors [28].

Jäger,A., Posselt,M., Schaper,J. and Lewandowski,J. (2017). Attenuation of organic micropollutants in an urban lowland stream under varying seasonal and hydrological conditions [29].

Jäger,A., Posselt,M., Schaper,J., Riml,J. and Lewandowski,J. (2017). Using intrinsic diurnal concentration fluctuations in an urban lowland stream to simulate transport and fate of organic micropollutants with the the one-dimensional transport model OTIS. [30].

Jäger,A., Posselt,M., Schaper,J. and Lewandowski,J. (2017). Formation of transformation products from wastewater-derived pharmaceuticals in an urban lowland stream [31].

McCallum,J., Shanafield,M.A., Banks,E.W., Schaper,J.L., Meinikmann,K., Höhne,A., Batelaan,Okke and Lewandowski,J. (2017). Seasonal dynamics of residence times in a perennial, wastewater impacted stream [32].

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