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El-Athman F., Putschew A., Adrian L., Jekel M. (2017). Abiotic reductive deiodination of iodinated contrast media mediated by corrinoids [17].

Gillefalk, M., Hilt, S., Janssen, A., Teurlincx, S., Chang, M., Janse, J., Mooij, W.M. (2017). Evaluating the impact of bank filtration on lake ecosystems using a shallow lake model [18].

Ladwig R., Kirillin G., Hinkelmann R., Hupfer M. (2017). Lake on life support: Evaluating urban lake management measures by using a coupled 1D-modelling approach [19].

Özgen, I. (2017). A coarse grid approach-based model chain for fast rainfall-runoff predictions in natural and urban areas [20].

Özgen, I., Zhao, J., Amann, F. & Hinkelmann, R. (2017). Applying object-oriented design concepts for the coupled numerical simulation of shallow water flow and associated processes [21].

Özgen, I., Abily, M., Gourbesville, P., Zhao, J., Liang, D. & Hinkelmann, R. (2017). Towards district scale flood simulations using conventional and anisotropic porosity shallow water models with high-resolution topographic information [22].

Porst G., Hinkelmann R., Hilt S., Gessner M. O., Kleinschmit B., Nützmann G., Jekel M. (2017). The DFG Research Training Group ‘Urban Water Interfaces (UWI)’. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Limnologie (DGL) [23].

Romero C., Herrero S., Casper P., Gessner M.O., Kleinschmit B., Singer G. (2017). Mapping dissolved organic matter diversity across Berlin´s aquascape [24].

Sielaff A.M., Stephan A.D. (2017). Vergleichende Untersuchungen von Säureprüfverfahren für zementgebundene Systeme [25].

Timm A., Wessolek G. (2017). Hydrological balance and water transport processes of partially sealed soils [26].

Wu,L., Singh,T., Gomez-Velez,J., Nützmann,G., Wörman,A., Krause,S. & Lewandowski,J. (2017). Dynamic Hyporheic Zones: Exploring the Role of Transient Flood Pulses on Bedform-induced Exchange under Gaining and Losing Conditions [27].

Wu,L., Singh,T., Lewandowski,J., Nützmann,G., Wörman Anders,L.E., Hannah,D.M., Krause,S. & Gomez-Velez,J.D. (2017). Exploring the role of transient flood pulses on bedform-induced hyporheic zone exchange [28].

Zinati Shoa,T., Barjenbruch,M. & Wriege-Bechtold,A. (2017). Assessment of material and energy flow efficiency in different source separated sanitation technologies [29].

Zinati Shoa,T., Barjenbruch,M. & Wriege-Bechtold,A. (2017). Source separation technologies, opportunities for sustainable wastewater management [30].

Zinati Shoa,T. & Barjenbruch,M. (2017). Simulation of sanitation concepts for source separated wastewater [31].

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