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Pille L. et al. (2015). Effekte von Regenwassermanagement Massnahmen auf die Biodiversität [16].

Pille L. et al. (2016). Planning a water-sensitive and biodiversity friendly city [17].

Pille L. et al. (2016). Only cooling air and saving water? - Effects of rainwater management measures on biodiversity: a meta-analysis [18].


Aljoumani,B., Cañameras,N. & Josa,R. (2010). Assessing the relationship between the soil dielectric constant and electrical conductivity using soil moisture sensors in the field conditions. [19].

Aljoumani,B., Kluge,B., Sanchez,J. & Wessolek,G. (2017). Time series models for prediction the total and dissolved heavy metals concentration in road runoff and soil solution of roadside embankments [20].

Aljoumani,B., Markert,A., Sanchez,J. & Wessolek,G. (2017). Novel approach for evaluating the linearity of the temperature increase (ΔT) against the logarithm of time to determine soil thermal conductivity data in the full moisture range [21].

Aljoumani,B., Sanchez,J. & Wessolek,G. (2018). A stochastic linear model to evaluate the dielectric constant– electrical conductivity relation of a sandy soil using TDR records [22].

Aljoumani,B. (2013). Soil and Water Management in the Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat Area: Evaluation of Infiltration in Furrow Irrigation Systems, Assessing Water and Salt Content Spatially and Temporally (Dissertation) [23].

Aljoumani, B., Sanchez J. (2016). Convener: short course (SC22/SSS0.10) Modelling soil water time series data using R program [24].

Aschermann,G., Neubert,L. & Jekel,M. (2018). Einfluss verschiedener DOM-Größenfraktionen auf die Desorption organischer Spurenstoffe von Aktivkohle [25].

Aschermann G., Jekel M. (2017). Effects of activated carbon pore structure on organic micropollutant desorption [26].

Aschermann G., Jekel M. (2017). Einfluss der Poreneigenschaften von Aktivkohle auf die Desorption von organischen Spurenstoffen [27].

Aschermann G., Zietzschmann F., Jekel M. (2017). Adsorption von organischen Spurenstoffen an Pulveraktivkohle in verschiedenen Trink-und Abwassermatrices [28].

Augustyniak, A., Jablonska, J., Pacheco-Fernandez, M., Dixit, A., Braun. B., Szewyk. U., Hinkelmann, R. Barjenbruch, M. & Stephan, D. (2020). Bacteria from sewers and their potential to improve the sustainability of construction materials [29].

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Barjenbruch,M.& Despot,D. (2017). Strategien zur Vermeidung von Geruch und Korrosion in Kanalnetz [31].

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