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Conferences contributions etc.

Teuber,K., Broecker,T., Jaydev,S., Goitom,G., Sielaff,M., Despot,D., Stephan,D., Barjenbruch,M. & Hinkelmann,R. (2018). Multiphase CFD-Simulation of Transport Phenomena in Sewer systems.

Ladwig,R., Matta,E., Hinkelmann,R., Kirillin,G., Furusato,E., Hupfer, M. (2018). How can we adapt urban lake management in times of climate change?.

El-Athman,F., Putschew,A., Adrian,L. & Jekel,M. (2018). Reaktionskinetik der Corrinoid-katalysierten Deiodierung von Röntgenkontrastmitteln.

Despot.D., Sielaff,M., Stephan,D. & Barjenbruch,M. (2018). Odour and Corrosion Pilot Plant Studies: Continuous Monitoring of Hydrogen Sulphide Emission.

Jäger, A., Coll, C., Mechelke, J., Rutere, C., Posselt, M., Raza, M., Betterle, A., Mehrtens, A., Mojarrad, B., Scheidweiler, D., Singh, T., Blaen, P., Horn, M., Lewandowski, J., Sobek, A., Benskin, J. (2018). Hypo-TRAIN Joint Field Experiments June 2017 at University of Birmingham ,What rules a river’s self-cleaning dynamics, hydrology or microbiology? Insights from a mesocosm experiment.

Marafini, E., Tügel, F., Özgen, I., Hinkelmann, R. & La Rocca (2018). Flash flood simulations using hydroinformatics modeling system for El Gouna, Egypt.

Broecker T., Teuber K., Ladwig R., Nützmann G., Hinkelmann R. (2018). Impact of small-scale riverbed topography on stream flow and surface detention of a tracer.

Wu,L., Singh,T., Gomez-Velez,J., Nützmann,G., Wörman,A., Krause,S. & Lewandowski,J. (2018). Impacts of Flood on Bedform-driven Hyporheic Flux under Gaining and Losing Groundwater Conditions..

Wu,L., Singh,T., Gomez-Velez,J., Nützmann,G., Wörman,A., Krause,S., Lewandowski,J., Riml,J. & Earon,R. (2018). Exploring the role of transient flood pulses on bedform-induced hyporheic exchange under gaining and losing groundwater conditions.


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