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Conferences contributions etc.


Teuber K., Broecker T., Barjenbruch M., Hinkelmann R. (2016). High-resolution numerical analysis of flow over a ground sill using OpenFOAM.

Köhler A., Heinrich L., Ladwig R., Kleeberg A., Hupfer M. (2016). Optimierung von Managementmaßnahmen im Tegeler See (Berlin) Erfahrungen und neue Herausforderungen.

Porst G., Hinkelmann R., Hilt S., Gessner M. O., Kleinschmit B., Nützmann G., Jekel M. (2016). The DFG Research Training Group ‘Urban Water Interfaces (UWI)’.

Posselt M., Schaper J., Ribbenstedt A., Benskin J. P. (2016). Investigating Micropollutant Transformation in Hyporheic Zones.

Ilhan Özgen and Dongfang Liang and Reinhard Hinkelmann (2016). Shallow water equations with depth-dependent anisotropic porosity for subgrid-scale topography. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 7447 - 7473.

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Lang, Stefan and Corbane, Christina and Blonda, Palma and Pipkins, Kyle and Förster, Michael (2015). Multiscale Habitat Mapping and Monitoring Using Satellite Data and Advanced Image Analysis Techniques.

Herrero Ortega,S., Catalán,N., Björn,E., Gröntoft,H., Hilmarsson,T.G., Bertilsson,S., Wu,P., Bishop,K., Levanoni,O. & Bravo, A.G. (2015). Do beaver ponds affect mercury methylation by changes in DOM and nutrient status?.

Özgen, I., Liang, D. & Hinkelmann, R. (2015). Shallow water equations with anisotropic porosity for inundated areas.


Broecker, T., Özgen, I., Matta, E., Cabral, J., Candeias, A.L. & Hinkelmann, R. (2014). Simulation of Flow and Transport Processes in a Brazilian Reservoir.


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