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Conferences contributions etc.


Jäger, A., Coll, C., Mechelke, J., Rutere, C., Posselt, M., Raza, M., Betterle, A., Mehrtens, A., Mojarrad, B., Scheidweiler, D., Singh, T., Blaen, P., Horn, M., Lewandowski, J., Sobek, A., Benskin, J. (2018). Hypo-TRAIN Joint Field Experiments June 2017 at University of Birmingham ,What rules a river’s self-cleaning dynamics, hydrology or microbiology? Insights from a mesocosm experiment.

Jahanbazi, Mitra and Özgen, Ilhan and Aleixo, Rui and Hinkelmann, Reinhard (2017). Development of a diffusive wave shallow water model with a novel stability condition and other new features. Journal of Hydroinformatics. IWA Publishing.

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Köhler A., Heinrich L., Ladwig R., Kleeberg A., Hupfer M. (2016). Optimierung von Managementmaßnahmen im Tegeler See (Berlin) Erfahrungen und neue Herausforderungen.

Kronsbein, Anna Lena, Wegner, Benjamin, Gillefalk, Mikael, Putschew, Anke, Hellweger, Ferdi Leberecht, Lewandowski, Jörg & Hilt, Sabine (2019). Effects of invasive ecosystem engineers on the fate of trace organic pollutants during bank filtration.

Kuhlemann, L.-M., Tetzlaff, D., Kleinschmit, B., & Soulsby, C. (2019). The city challenge: quantifying surface water sources in large urban areas using stable isotopes.

Kuhlemann, L.-M., Tetzlaff, D., Kleinschmit, B., Vulova, S. & Soulsby, C. (2020). Using stable isotopes to quantify ecohydrological flux dynamics at the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum in urban green spaces.


Ladwig, Robert and Heinrich, Lena and Singer, Gabriel and Hupfer, Michael (2017). Sediment core data reconstruct the management history and usage of a heavily modified urban lake in Berlin, Germany. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25166–25178.

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Ladwig,R., Matta,E., Hinkelmann,R., Kirillin,G., Furusato,E., Hupfer, M. (2018). How can we adapt urban lake management in times of climate change?.


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