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Conferences contributions etc.


Romero C., Herrero S., Casper P., Gessner M.O., Kleinschmit B., Singer G. (2017). Mapping dissolved organic matter diversity across Berlin´s aquascape.

Romero C., Despot D., El-Athman F., Herrero S., Nega M., Singer G. (2016). Urban Water Interfaces: Biogeochemical processes.


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Schaper,J.L., Höhne,A., Meinikmann,K., Shanafield,M.A., Banks,E.W., McCallum,J., Posselt,M., Putschew,A., Nützmann,G., Batelaan,Okke and Lewandowski,J. (2017). Relative contribution of hyporheic to whole stream attenuation of trace organics in an urban stream.

Schaper J. L., Popp A. L., Meinikmann K., Shanafield M. A., Banks E. W., Putschew A., Nützmann G., Lewandowski J. (2016). Fate of polar organic trace compounds infiltrating into an alluvial aquifer from an urban lowland river.

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Sobhi Gollo,V., Broecker,T., Nützmann,G., Lewandowski,L. & Hinkelmann,R. (2019). Integral flow and transport modelling approach for surface water-groundwater interface domain.

Sobhi Gollo, V., Broecker, T., Lewandowski, J., Nützmann, G. & Hinkelmann, R. (2020). Integral modeling of flow in and around a ventilated U-shaped chironomid burrow.

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