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Conferences contributions etc.


Barjenbruch,M.& Despot,D. (2016). Verfahren zur Verminderung von Geruch und Korrosion.

Broecker, T., Özgen, I., Matta, E., Cabral, J., Candeias, A.L. & Hinkelmann, R. (2014). Simulation of Flow and Transport Processes in a Brazilian Reservoir.

Broecker, T., Schaper, J., El-Athman, F., Gillefalk, M., Hilt, S., Hinkelmann, R. (2017). Surface water-groundwater interactions.

Broecker, T., Teuber, K., Elsesser, W., Hinkelmann, R. (2017). Multiphase Modeling of Hydrosystems using OpenFOAM.

Broecker, T., Gollo, V., Fox, A., Lewandowski, J., Nützmann, G., Arnon, S. & Hinkelmann, R. (2020). Integral modelling approach for tracer transport in the hyporheic zone under neutral, losing and gaining streamflow conditions.

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Broecker,T., Teuber,K., Sobhi Gollo,V., Lewandowski,J., Nützmann,G. & Hinkelmann,R. (2019). Quantifying hyporheic exchange fluxes through ripples with an integral flow model.

Broecker T., Teuber K., Ladwig R., Nützmann G., Hinkelmann R. (2018). Impact of small-scale riverbed topography on stream flow and surface detention of a tracer.


Despot.D., Sielaff,M., Stephan,D. & Barjenbruch,M. (2018). Odour and Corrosion Pilot Plant Studies: Continuous Monitoring of Hydrogen Sulphide Emission.

Dixit, A., Teuber, K., Pacheco-Fernandez, M., Barjenbruch, M. & Hinkelmann, R. (2020). Validation of air phase flow, mass transport and mass transfer in a sewer pipe.

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Dixit, A., Teuber, K., Stephan, D., Barjenbruch, M., & Hinkelmann, R. (2020). CFD model development and sensitivity analysis for water-air flow in a close conduit sewer pipe..


El-Athman,F., Putschew,A., Adrian,L. & Jekel,M. (2018). Reaktionskinetik der Corrinoid-katalysierten Deiodierung von Röntgenkontrastmitteln.

El-Athman F., Putschew A., Adrian L., Jekel M. (2017). Abiotic reductive deiodination of contrast media and the influence of corrinoids.

El-Athman F., Putschew A., Adrian L., Jekel M. (2017). Abiotic reductive deiodination of iodinated contrast media mediated by corrinoids.

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