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Teuber, K., Broecker, T., Bayon, A., Nützmann, G. & Hinkelmann, R. (2019). CFD-modelling of free surface flows in closed conduits [11]. Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, 368-380.

Fatima El-Athman and Lorenz Adrian and Martin Jekel and Anke Putschew (2019). Abiotic reductive deiodination of iodinated organic compounds and X-ray contrast media catalyzed by free corrinoids [12]. Chemosphere, 212 - 218.

Link zur Publikation [13]

Mikael Gillefalk and Wolf M. Mooij and Sven Teurlincx and Annette B.G. Janssen and Jan H. Janse and Manqi Chang and Jan Köhler and Sabine Hilt (2019). Modelling induced bank filtration effects on freshwater ecosystems to ensure sustainable drinking water production [14]. Water Research, 19 - 29.

Link zur Publikation [15]

Fatima El-Athman, Lorenz Adrian, Anke Putschew and Martin Jekel (2019). Deiodination in the presence of Dehalococcoides mccartyi strain CBDB1: comparison of the native enzyme and co-factor vitamin B12 [16]. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 32636-32644.

Link zur Originalpublikation [17]

Mohammad Zounemat-Kermani and Dietmar Stephan and Reinhard Hinkelmann (2019). Multivariate NARX neural network in prediction gaseous emissions within the influent chamber of wastewater treatment plants [18]. Atmospheric Pollution Research, 1812 - 1822.

Link zur Publikation [19]

Schaper, Jonas L. and Posselt, Malte and Bouchez, Camille and Jaeger, Anna and Nuetzmann, Gunnar and Putschew, Anke and Singer, Gabriel and Lewandowski, Joerg (2019). Fate of Trace Organic Compounds in the Hyporheic Zone: Influence of Retardation, the Benthic Biolayer, and Organic Carbon [20]. Environmental Science & Technology, 4224-4234.

Link zur Publikation [21]

Jaeger, Anna and Posselt, Malte and Betterle, Andrea and Schaper, Jonas and Mechelke, Jonas and Coll, Claudia and Lewandowski, Joerg (2019). Spatial and Temporal Variability in Attenuation of Polar Organic Micropollutants in an Urban Lowland Stream [22]. Environmental Science & Technology, 2383-2395.

Link zur Publikation [23]

Jaeger, Anna and Coll, Claudia and Posselt, Malte and Mechelke, Jonas and Rutere, Cyrus and Betterle, Andrea and Raza, Muhammad and Mehrtens, Anne and Meinikmann, Karin and Portmann, Andrea and Singh, Tanu and Blaen, Phillip J. and Krause, Stefan and Horn, Marcus A. and Hollender, Juliane and Benskin, Jonathan P. and Sobek, Anna and Lewandowski, Joerg (2019). Using recirculating flumes and a response surface model to investigate the role of hyporheic exchange and bacterial diversity on micropollutant half-lives [24]. Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts. The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2093-2108.

Link zur Publikation [25]

Wegner, Benjamin and Kronsbein, Anna Lena and Gillefalk, Mikael and van de Weyer, Klaus and Köhler, Jan and Funke, Elisabeth and Monaghan, Michael T. and Hilt, Sabine (2019). Mutual Facilitation Among Invading Nuttall’s Waterweed and Quagga Mussels [26]. Frontiers in Plant Science, 789.

Link zur Publikation [27]


Gillefalk, Mikael and Massmann, Gudrun and Nützmann, Gunnar and Hilt, Sabine (2018). Potential Impacts of Induced Bank Filtration on Surface Water Quality: A Conceptual Framework for Future Research [28]. Water, 1240.

Link zur Publikation [29]

Andrea G. Bravo and Dolly N. Kothawala and Katrin Attermeyer and Emmanuel Tessier and Pascal Bodmer and José L.J. Ledesma and Joachim Audet and Joan Pere Casas-Ruiz and Núria Catalán and Sophie Cauvy-Fraunié and Miriam Colls and Anne Deininger and Vesela V. Evtimova and Jérémy A. Fonvielle and Thomas Fuß and Peter Gilbert and Sonia Herrero Ortega and Liu Liu and Clara Mendoza-Lera and Juliana Monteiro and Jordi-René Mor and Magdalena Nagler and Georg H. Niedrist and Anna C. Nydahl and Ada Pastor and Josephine Pegg and Catherine Gutmann Roberts and Francesca Pilotto and Ana Paula Portela and Clara Romero González-Quijano and Ferran Romero and Martin Rulík and David Amouroux (2018). The interplay between total mercury, methylmercury and dissolved organic matter in fluvial systems: A latitudinal study across Europe [30]. Water Research, 172 - 182.

Link zur Publikation [31]

Herrero Ortega, Sonia and Catalán, Núria and Björn, Erik and Gröntoft, Hannes and Hilmarsson, Torfi Geir and Bertilsson, Stefan and Wu, Pianpian and Bishop, Kevin and Levanoni, Oded and Bravo, Andrea G. (2018). High methylmercury formation in ponds fueled by fresh humic and algal derived organic matter [32]. Limnology and Oceanography, S44-S53.

Link zur Publikation [33]

Jonas L. Schaper and Wiebke Seher and Gunnar Nützmann and Anke Putschew and Martin Jekel and Jörg Lewandowski (2018). The fate of polar trace organic compounds in the hyporheic zone [34]. Water Research, 158 - 166.

Link zur Publikation [35]

Schaper, Jonas L. and Posselt, Malte and McCallum, James L. and Banks, Eddie W. and Hoehne, Anja and Meinikmann, Karin and Shanafield, Margaret A. and Batelaan, Okke and Lewandowski, Joerg (2018). Hyporheic Exchange Controls Fate of Trace Organic Compounds in an Urban Stream [36]. Environmental Science & Technology, 12285-12294.

Link zur Publikation [37]

Posselt, Malte and Jaeger, Anna and Schaper, Jonas L. and Radke, Michael and Benskin, Jonathan P. (2018). Determination of polar organic micropollutants in surface and pore water by high-resolution sampling-direct injection-ultra high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry [38]. Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts. The Royal Society of Chemistry, 1716-1727.

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