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Jablonska, Joanna and Onyszko, Magdalena and Konopacki, Maciej and Augustyniak, Adrian and Rakoczy, Rafal and Mijowska, Ewa (2021). Fabrication of Paper Sheets Coatings Based on Chitosan/Bacterial Nanocellulose/ZnO with Enhanced Antibacterial and Mechanical Properties. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. MDPI.


Ingrid Chorus, Antje Köhler, Camilla Beulker, Jutta Fastner, Klaus van de Weyer, Tilo Hegewald & Michael Hupfer (2020). Decades needed for ecosystem components to respond to a sharp and drastic phosphorus load reduction. Hydrobiologia, 1-1.

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Michael Hupfer and Sylvia Jordan and Christiane Herzog and Christian Ebeling and Robert Ladwig and Matthias Rothe and Jörg Lewandowski (2019). Chironomid larvae enhance phosphorus burial in lake sediments: Insights from long-term and short-term experiments. Science of The Total Environment, 254 - 264.

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Hilt, Sabine and Alirangues Nuñez, Marta M. and Bakker, Elisabeth S. and Blindow, Irmgard and Davidson, Thomas A. and Gillefalk, Mikael and Hansson, Lars-Anders and Janse, Jan H. and Janssen, Annette B. G. and Jeppesen, Erik and Kabus, Timm and Kelly, Andrea and Köhler, Jan and Lauridsen, Torben L. and Mooij, Wolf M. and Noordhuis, Ruurd and Phillips, Geoff and Rücker, Jacqueline and Schuster, Hans-Heinrich and Søndergaard, Martin and Teurlincx, Sven and van de Weyer, Klaus and van Donk, Ellen and Waterstraat, Arno and Willby, Nigel and Sayer, Carl D. (2018). Response of Submerged Macrophyte Communities to External and Internal Restoration Measures in North Temperate Shallow Lakes. Frontiers in Plant Science, 194.

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Herrero Ortega, Sonia and Catalán, Núria and Björn, Erik and Gröntoft, Hannes and Hilmarsson, Torfi Geir and Bertilsson, Stefan and Wu, Pianpian and Bishop, Kevin and Levanoni, Oded and Bravo, Andrea G. (2018). High methylmercury formation in ponds fueled by fresh humic and algal derived organic matter. Limnology and Oceanography, S44-S53.

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Herrero Ortega, Sonia and Romero González-Quijano, Clara and Casper, Peter and Singer, Gabriel A. and Gessner, Mark.O. (2019). Methane emissions from contrasting urban freshwaters: rates, drivers and a whole-city footprint. Global Change Biology, 4234-4243.

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Lena Heinrich and Matthias Rothe and Burga Braun and Michael Hupfer (2020). Transformation of redox-sensitive to redox-stable iron-bound phosphorus in anoxic lake sediments under laboratory conditions. Water Research, 116609.

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Heinrich, L., Dietel, J. & Hupfer, M. (2022). Sulphate reduction determines the long-term effect of iron amendments on phosphorus retention in lake sediments. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 316-333.

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Gillefalk, Mikael and Massmann, Gudrun and Nützmann, Gunnar and Hilt, Sabine (2018). Potential Impacts of Induced Bank Filtration on Surface Water Quality: A Conceptual Framework for Future Research. Water, 1240.

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Mikael Gillefalk and Wolf M. Mooij and Sven Teurlincx and Annette B.G. Janssen and Jan H. Janse and Manqi Chang and Jan Köhler and Sabine Hilt (2019). Modelling induced bank filtration effects on freshwater ecosystems to ensure sustainable drinking water production. Water Research, 19 - 29.

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Gessner, Mark and Hinkelmann, R and Nützmann, G and Jekel, Martin and Singer, G and Lewandowski, Jörg and Nehls, Thomas and Barjenbruch, M (2014). Urban water interfaces. Journal of Hydrology, 226–232.


Friedland, Giulia and Grüneberg, Björn and Hupfer, Michael (2020). Geochemical signatures of lignite mining products in sediments downstream a fluvial-lacustrine system. Science of the Total Environment

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Fišer, Martin and Özgen, Ilhan and Hinkelmann, Reinhard and Vimmr, Jan (2016). A mass conservative well-balanced reconstruction at wet/dry interfaces for the Godunov-type shallow water model. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, 893-908.

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Fatima El-Athman, Lorenz Adrian, Anke Putschew and Martin Jekel (2019). Deiodination in the presence of Dehalococcoides mccartyi strain CBDB1: comparison of the native enzyme and co-factor vitamin B12. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 32636-32644.

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