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CFD-modelling of free surface flows in closed conduits
Zitatschlüssel kteuber_tbroecker20190
Autor Teuber, K., Broecker, T., Bayon, A., Nützmann, G. & Hinkelmann, R.
Seiten 368-380
Jahr 2019
ISSN 1741-5233
Journal Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Jahrgang 19
Nummer 6
Zusammenfassung Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is gaining an increasing importance in the field of hydraulic engineering. This publication presents different application examples of a two-phase approach as implemented in the open source software OpenFOAM. The chosen approach is based on the volume of fluid method focusing on the simulation of flow in closed conduits. Three examples are presented: single-phase flow over a ground sill and free surface flow over a hill as well as complex free surface flow in a sewer model. The first example compares the results of different RANS turbulence models with experimental results. The results of the second example are compared with an analytical solution. In the last example the behaviour of the free surface flow is compared with the results of a model test and existing simulations using a simplified, open channel geometry for the closed conduit. For the examples analysed, the two-phase approach provides stable and reliable results.
Typ der Publikation Journal
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