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Additional measures


During their 3 years of research, UWI doctoral students will actively contribute to national and international conferences (oral, poster or PICO (presenting interactive content) presentations). Thus, the doctoral students learn to present and defend their work in a national or international environment, get a broader overview on the latest developments in their fields, and interact with scientists outside of the RTG UWI.

As an additional measure to foster collaboration within the group of doctoral students and support self-organisation, the Student Research Council was established during the first UWI funding period by the doctoral students. This council meets roughly once a year to discuss current topics and issues of the UWI group. Each new UWI cohort is expected to organise its Student Research Council on such a basis. The establishment of the Student Research Council as well as further UWI activities, such as joint  participation of the research training group at conferences or fairs all support the cooperation within UWI. Based on positive experiences from the 1st UWI cohort, surveys will be conducted on a regular basis to collect feedback from the doctoral students on the UWI programme as part of the internal evaluation process.


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