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Qualification programme

The research topics tackled within UWI require a strong multi- and/or interdisciplinary approach. Thus, UWI embeds doctoral researchers in an interdisciplinary scientific framework supported by a team of research supervisors from a wide spectrum of natural and technical interfaces in urban water systems. We strive to train highly qualified students with the necessary skills to compete on an international level as independent researchers or professionals at a high level in academia, engineering practice, industry or administration.  UWI aims at educating independent and critical researchers with broad theoretical knowledge, sound methodological awareness and skills, and the capacity to develop individual research strategies and participate in cooperative projects.

Therefore, all doctoral students should

  • achieve a well-defined level of knowledge in water and environmental engineering, natural sciences and ecology,
  • be prepared for interdisciplinary work,
  • be trained to identify relevant problems in their research area and to work independently on finding the solutions to the respective problems,
  • be trained for international cooperation and exchange and
  • be provided with presentation, rhetorical and intercultural skills.

To reach these aims, we have set up a structured doctoral training programme, including substantial exchange with international partners, aiming at excellence in scientific education. The doctoral training consists of a focused study programme (core and elective courses), a visiting scientist programme, and additional qualification measures. Furthermore, all doctoral students are jointly supervised by a board of supervisors (BoS).

Given the interdisciplinary spirit of UWI, with a broad and in-depth education in engineering and natural sciences, the doctoral students will be excellently prepared for interdisciplinary jobs which may have an international character. The doctoral students will be very good candidates for postdoctoral positions in academia as an important step towards a tenured position. They will have very good chances to obtain jobs in engineering practice (for example in engineering offices, and consulting companies), industry (for example in water planning, water supply, wastewater treatment), or administration (federal or regional offices).

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