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Common approach 2

A basic premise of common approach 2 is that natural and technical interfaces share many commonalities in the urban water system. This includes flow and reactive transport between free flowing water and porous media, between wastewater and the gas space in sewer systems, and between rivers and lakes. These processes need to be described by detailed conceptual models and predictive computational tools based on either new numerical developments or extensions of established approaches including:

  • development of new integrated conceptual models for coupled flow, transport and biogeochemical reactions at the surface water – groundwater interface (H2)
  • development of a multiphase and multi-component flow and reactive transport model for odour and corrosion in sewer systems (S2),
  • extension of an ecohydrological model through isotope-based approaches (W1),
  • extension of an existing lake-ecosystem model to account for changes in groundwater fluxes by bank filtration (F1),
  • extension of a water quality model by agent-based (F2) and phosphorus diagenesis approaches (F3),
  • extension of a model for water, heat and contaminant transport in the unsaturated zone by a statistical component to determine the relation between soil solution electrical conductivity (EC) and soil dielectric constant (postdoc Dr. Basem Aljoumani),
  • coupling methods of data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning and GIS for heat and vapor transport at the interface of urban soils to the atmosphere (W3) and
  • upscaling of interface processes (F3, F4, H2, S2, W1, W3).

Modelling approaches at different scales are applied: While some doctoral theses focus on the laboratory scale, others are directly implemented at the field scale. Such multiscale approaches will also enable comparisons of different conceptual models for interface processes at different scales.




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