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Common approach 3

Current urban water management is often characterized by diverting water and channeling it rapidly to downstream users. In the future, however, more emphasis has to be put on water retention in the city, water recycling and management of contaminants behaviour in closed water cycles to improve urban water management. Within common approach 3, the doctoral theses will enhance contributing to improve the following practical applications:

  • advice for management of highly stressed urban lakes (e.g. Lake Tegel, Wannsee; F3) including bank filtration (F1) and cyanobacteria blooms (F2),
  • advice for restoration of highly impacted urban streams (e.g. Panke, Erpe; H1, H4),
  • urban groundwater recharge (W1) and first flush investigations including impacts of partially sealed areas on infiltration and evaporation (W2),
  • transport of contaminants (e.g. heavy metals, salt) through runoff into roadside soils (postdoc Dr. Basem Aljoumani),
  • countermeasures to prevent odour and corrosion in sewer systems (S1, S2) including characterization of biofilms (H4, S1) and
  • quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from urban surface waters including changes in the interaction between urban climate and the urban water cycle (F4, W3).

All practical applications will also consider the expected changing of climate, demography, consumer behaviour and industrial processes. Warming trends are an important issue because all biogeochemical transformation processes strongly depend on temperature (F1, F4, H1, H3). Furthermore, special emphasis will be given to the impact of technical water systems on natural water systems, and vice versa (F3, W2), as a key to an integrated urban water management. Within the framework of these activities UWI will also contribute to the public discussion about water-related issues in Berlin and in metropolitan areas (e.g. at Wasser Berlin International).



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