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Common approaches

The research on interface processes in the 2nd UWI cohort, which is organised in 13 doctoral theses considering interfaces in urban watersheds, urban freshwater ecosystems, urban hyporheic zones and sewer systems, is connected through common approaches in methods, techniques and applications:

  • Common approach 1: Enhanced understanding of interface processes in natural and technical urban water systems
  • Common approach 2: Development of conceptual models and predictive computational tools
  • Common approach 3: Application of new knowledge to urban water system management

The three common approaches link the four common topics (interfacesin urban watersheds, urban freshwater ecosystems, urban hyporheic zone and sewer systems), in which various natural and technical interfaces are investigated. UWI will stimulate many synergies which would not be possible without this RTG. Various types of interface phenomena in aquatic systems are also addressed by research groups in other countries. However, to our knowledge, none of the research groups has a similarly integrated vision of the urban water cycle that we are developing in the RTG on urban water interfaces with various collaborating institutions.



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