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Common topics

The UWI doctoral students are working on their own respective doctoral thesis project but are at the same time joined together through common activities and interactions between projects, which are merged in so called common topics.

Currently doctoral students from the 2nd UWI cohort are working within four common topic groups, which were further developed and focused from the common topics of the 1st UWI cohort. The current UWI common topics are:

Due to the expected close and integrative collaborations in these new common topics, we decided to give up structuring the doctoral theses in groups N (for natural interfaces) and T (for technical inter-faces) (as used in the the 1st cohort) and to reorganize this structuring to interfaces in urban watersheds, urban freshwater ecoystems, urban hyporheic zones and sewer systems, i.e. groups W, F, H, S, in 2nd UWI cohort.


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