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Research projects 2nd cohort
Interfaces in urban watersheds
W1 [1]
Ecohydrological controls on urban groundwater recharge: an isotope-based modelling approach
Doctoral researcher: Lena-Marie Kuhlemann [2]
BoS: Tetzlaff [3], IGB+HU, Soulsby [4], UA
[1]+TUB, Kleinschmit [5], TUB
W2 [6]
Scaling and connectivity assessment of critical source areas of diffuse pollution in urban catchments
Doctoral researcher: Nasrin Haacke [7]
BoS: Paton [8], Nehls [9], Hinkelmann [10], TUB, Tetzlaff [11],  IGB+HU

W3 [12]
Heat and vapour fluxes of urban vegetation patterns – a remote sensing based approach
Doctoral researcher: Stenka Vulova [13]
BoS: Kleinschmit [14], TUB, Tetzlaff [15], IGB+HU, Soulsby [16], UA+TUB

Interfaces in urban freshwater ecosystems
F1 [17]
Transformation of environmentally relevant compounds in urban lakes by aquatic invasive ecosystem engineers
Doctoral researcher: Anna Lena Kronsbein [18]
BoS: Hilt [19], IGB, Hellweger [20], Schmidt [21],
UDE[2], Lewandowski [22], IGB
Cyanobacteria dynamics at the lake – land interface (littoral zone)
Doctoral researcher: Marvin Mayerhofer [23]
BoS: Hellweger [24], Kleinschmit [25], TUB, Hilt [26], IGB
F3 [28]
Controlling of phosphorus fluxes in urban systems: Analogous processes in limnic sediments and sewage sludges
Doctoral researcher: Lena Heinrich
[29]BoS: Hupfer [30], IGB, Barjenbruch, [31] TUB

F4 [32]
The GHG footprint of a metropolitan area
Doctoral researcher: Benjamin Archer [33]
BoS: Gessner [34], IGB+TUB, Casper [35], Singer [36], IGB, Kleinschmit [37], TUB

Interfaces urban hyporheic zones
H1 [38]
Fate of trace organics in the hyporheic zones of urban rivers
Doctoral researcher: Birgit Müller [39]
BoS: Lewandowski [40], IGB, Hellweger [41], Putschew [42], TUB, Batelaan [43], FU
H2 [44]
Integral modelling approach for flow and reactive transport at surface water - groundwater interfaces
Doctoral researcher:
Vahid Sobhi Gollo [45]
BoS: Hinkelmann [46], TUB, Lewandowski [47], Nützmann [48], IGB

H3 [49]
Abiotic transformation of organic compounds during bank filtration
Doctoral researcher: Marcel Yuki Sorgler [50]
BoS: Putschew [51], TUB, Adrian [52], UFZ+TUB, Jekel [53], TUB, Lewandowski [54], IGB

H4 [55]
Redox gradients in natural and technical urban water systems: Population structure and physiological properties
Doctoral researcher: 
Niranjan Mukherjee [56]
BoS: Szewzyk [57], Braun [58], TUB, Casper [59], Gessner [60], IGB
Interfaces in sewer systems
S1 [61]
Interfaces in sewer systems – corrosion and odour
Doctoral researcher: Micaela Pacheo Fernandez [62]
BoS: Stephan [63], Barjenbruch [64], Szewzyk [65], TUB, Gnirss [66], BWB

S2 [67]
Validation and application of a three-phase simulation model for odour and corrosion in sewer systems
Doctoral researcher:
Abhinav Dixit [68]
BoS: Hinkelmann [69], Barjenbruch [70], Stephan [71], TUB, Nützmann [72], IGB

[1] University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

[2] University of Aberdeen, UK

[3] Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

Research projects 1st cohort
Natural interfaces
Technical interfaces
N1 [73]
Solid–water interface [74]
Degradation of recalcitrant organic trace pollutants in biofilms at solid-water interfaces
T1 [75]
Soil–water interface [76]
Role of dust and solid waste on water and contaminant transport processes at the pavement-water interface
N2 [77]
Soil–atmosphere interface [78]
Heat and vapor transport at the soil-atmosphere interface in urban areas
T2 [79]
Wastewater–atmosphere–biofilm–construction material interfaces [80]
Corrosion in sewers caused by biochemical processes of sulphurous compounds
N3 [81]
Water–atmosphere and watersediment
Greenhouse gas formation and flux across boundaries in urban water bodies
T3 [83]
Wastewater–atmosphere–biofilm–construction material interfaces [84]
Odour and corrosion in sewer systems
N4 [85]
Water–atmosphere interface [86]
Ecosystem metabolism in natural and technical aquatic systems of urban environments
T4 [87]
Surface water–sediment interface [88]
Impact of remaining wastewater constituents on interfaces in surface waters
N5 [89]
Surface water–groundwater interface [90]
Effects of bank filtration on lake ecosystems
T5 [91]
Water-solid interface [92]
Desorption kinetics and irreversibility in applications of technical adsorbents for water treatment
N6 [93]
Surface water–groundwater interface [94]
Retention of chemical compounds in hyporheic reactors of urban freshwater systems
T6 [95]
Surface water–groundwater interface [96]
Deiodination of iodinated contrast media (ICMs) in bank filtration of urban waters
N7 [97]
Surface water–groundwater interface [98]
Integral modelling approach for flow and reactive transport in groundwater - surface water interaction space
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