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Research projects 2nd cohort
Interfaces in urban watersheds
Ecohydrological controls on urban groundwater recharge: an isotope-based modelling approach
Doctoral researcher: Lena-Marie Kuhlemann
BoS: Tetzlaff, IGB+HU, Soulsby, UA
[1]+TUB, Kleinschmit, TUB
Scaling and connectivity assessment of critical source areas of diffuse pollution in urban catchments
Doctoral researcher: Nasrin Haacke
BoS: Paton, Nehls, Hinkelmann, TUB, Tetzlaff,  IGB+HU

Heat and vapour fluxes of urban vegetation patterns – a remote sensing based approach
Doctoral researcher: Stenka Vulova
BoS: Kleinschmit, TUB, Tetzlaff, IGB+HU, Soulsby, UA+TUB

Modelling of evapotranspiration of urban  vegetation using thermal and optical remote sensing - a physically-based  approach using SCOPE model
Postdoctoral researcher: Dr. Alby Duarte
Supervisor: Kleinschmit, TUB
Interfaces in urban freshwater ecosystems
Transformation of environmentally relevant compounds in urban lakes by aquatic invasive ecosystem engineers
Doctoral researcher: Anna Lena Kronsbein
BoS: Hilt, IGB, Hellweger, Schmidt,
UDE[2], Lewandowski, IGB
Cyanobacteria dynamics at the lake – land interface (littoral zone)
Doctoral researcher: Marvin Mayerhofer
BoS: Hellweger, Kleinschmit, TUB, Hilt, IGB

Controlling of phosphorus fluxes in urban systems: Analogous processes in limnic sediments and sewage sludges
Doctoral researcher: Lena Heinrich
BoS: Hupfer, IGB, Barjenbruch, TUB

The GHG footprint of a metropolitan area
Doctoral researcher: Benjamin Archer
BoS: Gessner, IGB+TUB, Casper, Singer, IGB, Kleinschmit, TUB

Interfaces urban hyporheic zones
Fate of trace organics in the hyporheic zones of urban rivers
Doctoral researcher: Birgit Müller
BoS: Lewandowski, IGB, Hellweger, Putschew, TUB, Batelaan, FU
Integral modelling approach for flow and reactive transport at surface water - groundwater interfaces
Doctoral researcher:
Vahid Sobhi Gollo
BoS: Hinkelmann, TUB, Lewandowski, Nützmann, IGB

Abiotic transformation of organic compounds during bank filtration
Doctoral researcher: Marcel Yuki Sorgler
BoS: Putschew, TUB, Adrian, UFZ+TUB, Jekel, TUB, Lewandowski, IGB

Redox gradients in natural and technical urban water systems: Population structure and physiological properties
Doctoral researcher: 
Niranjan Mukherjee
BoS: Szewzyk, Braun, TUB, Casper, Gessner, IGB
Interfaces in sewer systems
Interfaces in sewer systems – corrosion and odour
Doctoral researcher: Micaela Pacheo Fernandez
BoS: Stephan, Barjenbruch, Szewzyk, TUB, Gnirss, BWB

Validation and application of a three-phase simulation model for odour and corrosion in sewer systems
Doctoral researcher:
Abhinav Dixit
BoS: Hinkelmann, Barjenbruch, Stephan, TUB, Nützmann, IGB

[1] University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

[2] University of Aberdeen, UK

[3] Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

Research projects 1st cohort
Natural interfaces
Technical interfaces
Solid–water interface
Degradation of recalcitrant organic trace pollutants in biofilms at solid-water interfaces
Soil–water interface
Role of dust and solid waste on water and contaminant transport processes at the pavement-water interface
Soil–atmosphere interface
Heat and vapor transport at the soil-atmosphere interface in urban areas
Wastewater–atmosphere–biofilm–construction material interfaces
Corrosion in sewers caused by biochemical processes of sulphurous compounds
Water–atmosphere and watersediment

Greenhouse gas formation and flux across boundaries in urban water bodies
Wastewater–atmosphere–biofilm–construction material interfaces
Odour and corrosion in sewer systems
Water–atmosphere interface
Ecosystem metabolism in natural and technical aquatic systems of urban environments
Surface water–sediment interface
Impact of remaining wastewater constituents on interfaces in surface waters
Surface water–groundwater interface
Effects of bank filtration on lake ecosystems
Water-solid interface
Desorption kinetics and irreversibility in applications of technical adsorbents for water treatment
Surface water–groundwater interface
Retention of chemical compounds in hyporheic reactors of urban freshwater systems
Surface water–groundwater interface
Deiodination of iodinated contrast media (ICMs) in bank filtration of urban waters
Surface water–groundwater interface
Integral modelling approach for flow and reactive transport in groundwater - surface water interaction space

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