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Fast track student

One excellent student per generation can enter the UWI programme directly from her/his BSc degree (fast track). In the third year of the RTG this student can qualify for the second generation (year 4 to 6), and in the sixth year for the third generation (year 7 to 9). This student has to go through a qualification phase of two semesters in which she/he will be supported by a bachelor qualifying fellowship and supervised by one of the applicants. The fast track student will attend selected courses of master programmes (in Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering (competence field Hydroscience), Urban Ecosystem Sciences, Biotechnology, or Chemistry) and will conclude with a qualifying exam where her/his course marks will be considered and the suitability for carrying out a doctoral thesis will finally be checked. During the qualification phase, the fast track student can start visiting courses and seminars given in the regular track, and she/he should also deal with her/his future research topic as early as possible. A fast track student failing the qualifying exam will be allowed another attempt within one additional semester. A student who fails a second time must leave the UWI programme, but can finalise her/his studies in one of the above mentioned master programmes.

UWI fast track student (SS 2018 & WS 2018/2019)
Stefan Dittmar



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